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Most parents do a fine job. But occasionally, even parents doing a fine job need support and guidance when it comes to raising children. No more Arguning Beacon Parenting WaterfordI am not an expert on raising your children. You are. I am not an expert on fixing cars. My mechanic is. If my car receives a regular service my car will run fine generally. Invariably, a time will come when despite my best efforts the car will need attention on a greater level. A part will need to be replaced for example. I have two choices. I can continue to drive the car and hope the problem goes away by itself or I can seek the assistance of an experienced professional.

​Similar to a mechanic, my work involves reducing the risk of problems occurring and also intervening when problems do occur. In contrast to a mechanic, however, I will show you how to prevent or fix the issue yourself.

Take a Quick look at how it works:

​1.The  Informal Chat (free) – Having contacted me via this site, facebook or 085 762 7329 we will have a free informal chat to discuss your situation. During this chat it will be decided if the strategies can benefit  your individual situation. If my service is not a suitable support at this time I will signpost you towards the relevant service.

2.​​​​​The Support- The majority of parents who contact me for this support have an issue with their child or teenagers behaviour. The support itself combines over 15 years experience and training in this area with the Triple P programme. I am fully trained and have been delivering the TripleP parenting programme since 2008.

This court approved support aims to examine the full context of the child’s life in order to eventually improve the behaviour. This is not a quick fix solution. ​This involves a process and results may only be seen over a period of time.

The focus is not just on the child’s behaviour but also on the various relationships, including the one with you the parent, impacting on their behaviour. Each session lasts for approximately one hour in your own home and continues for 3 to 4 weeks depending on circumstances.

The sessions are informal and very user friendly. They are delivered in a conversational format rather than a teacher/pupil style. Certificate of completion if necessary eg. court.

3. The Mediation- There will be times when two people are parents but are no longer in a relationship. Sometime these two people will get on, sometimes they will not. It is important to keep the best interests of the child as the top priority irrespective of the circumstances. Going to court to reach an agreement can be expensive, unpredictable and nasty. Invariably, it is better if parents can reach an out of court agreement together with the aid of an independent third party. This work is carried out in a safe, non hostile environment and a willingness to compromise will be essential for all participants. Also available for parents still in a relationship.

​COST: Cost €55 per one hour session plus travel & administration costs.

It is advised that, if possible, both parents attend but this is not a prerequisite.

This service aims to offer you a way out of this situation – to find a way to reduce the conflict that has become so established and to build a better and stronger relationship with your child and between parents.

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