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Positive Parenting

Top Tips for Positive Parenting

No one ever said Parenting was easy! As one unknown author says “The trouble with bringing up children is that by the time you are experienced, you are unemployed”. Here are 8 Top Tips for positive parenting that every parent should know:

#1. Hug Them Encourage Them

We all love a hug, and even as your child gets older, it’s important to make some time regularly for hugs and cuddles!

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#2. Talk and Read with Them

ReadingDon’t stop reading with your child. Bedtime stories can tail off when the child learns to read by themselves but reading together gives time for cuddles and you can talk about the story and take it in turns to read.


Even older children enjoy being read to (ask any teacher who reads to their class) so make some time together to read together.

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#3. Ask About Their Day

Even if all you get is “it was fine”, make sure to ask them about their day. Sometimes at bedtime is when kids open up as well and you often get the best chats and the best time as they get sleepy.

#4. Tell Them You Love Them Daily

mum teen daughterWe so often get caught up in the daily routine, that we forget to tell our children, regularly, that we love them. You are at no risk of spoiling your kids, by telling them you love them, as spoiling is usually the result of giving kids things in place of love.

#5. Tuck them in with a goodnight kiss

Establish a ritual whereby no matter what age, you tuck them in with a goodnight kiss.

#6. Always Listen Try not to judge

In our busy worlds, full of noise, and electronics, need to remember to keep listening. They might be telling you something very important! Don’t avoid discussing issues such as drinking and drugs and sex. Make it clear to them that you are there to listen any time they need you.

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#7. Try Not To Lose Yourself in detail

Tough one, we know, but one to which we would all like to aspire! Most children respond better to a calm, reasonable request or command. Save yelling for emergency situations when you really need to get your child’s attention. If you do lose your temper, take time to say sorry afterwards and explain why you got het up.

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#8. Spend Time With Them everyday (If Possible)

Don’t forget to spend time individually with your child.

We get caught up in busy family life and sometimes taking an hour with your child alone to do something nice together is a great tonic for both of you.

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“The trouble with bringing up children is that by the time you are experienced, you are unemployed” – Author unknown.

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