Parents in Distress


Similar to the role of any beacon, my role as parenting and family support consultant with Beacon Parenting Services is to offer hope to those in distress. When I began delivering parenting courses in Waterford initially over a decade ago.

I used to adhere rigidly to the script which went with delivering the programme. It was only through working with many families since then that I realised that there is no one single best way of being a parent. No one single book, magazine, blog, course or programme will help you be a better parent. Being a parent is not about acquiring knowledge. Being a parent is about relationships.

My role is also about relationships. My primary goal with each family now is not to recite a script, but to build an honest rapport and relationship with parents. My role is to listen objectively to both parents and guide them over a number of sessions towards a place where they are better able to manage their family and the challenges this brings. I would never judge, assess or blame parents for being in the position they find themselves.

Many of the parents who contact me initially ring because they feel overwhelmed by despair and hopelessness. Each and every one of these parents has told me how much more hopeful and positive they felt having used my service.

Give it a try and see for yourself.

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