Are you a Mother Being Ignored?

Are You a Mother Being Ignored at Home?

There is no one single best way of being a parent. Just like most problems in life, be it healthy eating or parenting, the answer is rarely black or white. Nine times out of ten the solution involves balance and compromise and is found in the large grey area between black and white.

In my role as father at home as well as consultant and manager at work I am involved in a lot of decision making processes. Throughout my extensive experience of working with parents I have discovered during my initial meeting with them that the father still makes most of the decisions around the child’s behaviour and what is acceptable. Things are black and white to him. The mother, unfortunately, may either be ignored or choose not to voice their opinion for fear of going against her husband/partner. This is the same for married and separated parents.

My role in Beacon Parenting is to highlight the futility of this to both parents. This is achieved by me facilitating a meeting and mediating between both parents in a safe, blame free environment. I examine the past history within the family and plan with both parents for the future. This process is as much about being a parent to yourself as it is to your child or teenager.

Feedback from parents about this part of my service has been overwhelmingly positive thus far. I have been told –

“you worked miracles”,

“helped us to understand each other’s point of view”

“we are now on the same page”

“things are much better now”

You were so understanding and easy to talk to. You didn’t take sides like I thought you might.

Take the step so many other parents have taken. I will ensure your opinion gets heard at home. Contact me today .

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