In a perfect world having a child should unite the parents and bring them closer together. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. There are times when children can divide parents because of their behaviour. This can apply to married parents, separated parents or single parents because every child has two parents. Deciding on the best way to rear your child and manage their behaviour can cause terrible rows between parents especially if each parent parents a lot differently to the other. Children are clever and will divide and conquer before you even realise it. A power struggle results focusing on which parent is right or wrong rather than managing the child’s behaviour as a unit.

I provide a professional, private service in your own home whereby I mediate and negotiate between both parents in a non- threatening, non- blaming manner helping you to take some of the stress away.

This service is for married, separated and single parents and is 100% confidential & impartial. It is not about telling one parent they were right & the other they were wrong. The goal is to reach an agreement between both parents with the best interests of the child central to all negotiations.

If you have reached the point where you just cannot agree on the best way forward contact me today and learn how to manage the situation better. Together.

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Cost: €55 per one-hour session plus travel.

Duration: Between 3 to 5 sessions

Location: In the privacy of your own home


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