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Parenting & Family Support Waterford Tipperary Cork and Kilkenny

Q. Are you qualified and experienced?
A. I hold an official qualification to deliver Triple P parenting programme and am listed here on the Barnardos website. I also a Masters Degree in Youth and Community Work (UCC) and have completed specialised training in Non Violent Resistance. I have over 15 years experience working with young people and families. I am also a parent myself.

Q. Is this support the right one for me?
​A. It depends on your circumstances. If your child or teenager is beginning to show behavioural problems the Triple P based programme is right for you.

Q. Does it ​work? Will things get better?
A. This programme have been proven to work. However, it is not a quick fix solution. By just doing a programme and not putting what you have learned into practice nothing will improve. Progress will take time and effort.

Q Why does the programme take place in the parents home?
A. Some parents may be embarrassed about the issues impacting on them. Nobody wants to admit they are struggling as a parent but all parents struggle at some stage. The important thing is you are prepared to get support through your struggle. All the parents I have worked with so far have said they felt much more comfortable in their own home.

Q. Is the service totally confidential?
A. Under the Children First Act all workers in this area are obliged to report any cases of child abuse to social workers. Apart from this mandatory obligation the service is completely confidential.

Q. Will I be able for the work involved?
A. The fact that you have come here means you have already taken the hardest step by admitting there is a problem. The next step is to contact me. The programme itself is user friendly and will be relevant to your own unique circumstances.

​Q. Who needs these supports?
A. In theory all parents could benefit from the Triple P support. Generally, however, the parents who seek either support are parents of children or teenagers who are displaying behavioral problems. Parents who have been court directed to complete a parenting programme also seek these courses.

Q. What counties do you cover?
A. I work with parents in Waterford, South Tipperary, South Kilkenny and East Cork.

Q.“How much does the service cost?”
A. From €55 per hour

​Q. I have another question not listed here. How can I contact you?
A. Contact us by Calling Our Office | 058 54907 or 085 762 7329 |

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