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MEDIATION In a perfect world having a child should unite the parents and bring them closer together. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. There are times when children can divide parents because of their behaviour. This can apply to married parents, separated parents or single parents because every child has two parents.

1 to 1 Official Parenting Course

OFFICIAL PARENTING COURSE     In theory all parents could benefit from the Triple P parenting support. Generally, however, the parents who seek a parenting course are parents of children or teenagers who are displaying behavioural problems. The earlier the intervention the more likely it is to be successful. Parents who have been court directed to complete


TEENAGERS Being a parent to a teenager can be stressful at the best of times. I have been through it twice already. Sometimes the teenager takes it too far and their behaviour gradually heads out of control. A teenager who is missing school, suffering with anxiety, taking drugs, fighting and wreaking havoc at home can

School Bullies are Good

  School bullies are good. Good at what they do that is. I was bullied myself in primary school so I know. In many ways they are similar to a predator animal on a safari. They chose the most vulnerable from a group, they bide their time until the right opportunity presents itself and then

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